Why Choose Us

“Transforming learners to drivers. Learn, Look, LIVE!!!”

Is your goal to become a safe and skilled driver?

It is our goal to teach you!


Transformation Driving is all about transforming learners into drivers. We are passionate about teaching correct techniques and providing you with the opportunity to learn, where it is our duty of care to keep you as safe as possible until you learn how to do it for yourself. We cannot control what others do on the road, however we can hopefully minimise possible risks through teaching defensive and evasive techniques, how to recognise hazards and becoming alert and aware of your surroundings, to name a few. This is what defines the difference between being a legal driver and a safe driver. There is a very serious aspect to driving…even deadly, however, driving and learning to drive can also be a whole lot of fun. Our trainers love to drive, and love to pass on their passion to others.



We offer and provide:


  • The latest model dual controlled cars in both Automatic and Manual
  • Fully Accredited Instructors who will put you readily at ease
  • Ability to cater to most requests and needs to work in with your busy lifestyle
  • Encouraging of the involvement in the learning process of students with their parents
  • Hour by hour lessons, discounted packs and gift certificates available
  • Referral Schemes and regular promotions
  • Extensive knowledge of testing areas
  • Ability to provide Mock tests to assist with student progress



Our Automatic and Manual Instructors have been able to offer extra support to our students as they work together in your best interest. This is an extra benefit that we offer which has been valued by past students and parents alike.

Our instructors are always keeping abreast of changes, including implementation of new laws, implications to face when you do not abide by the law such as demerit points incurred and cost of fines. We also seek out new techniques of teaching to be able to provide you with the best possible learning opportunities. If we are asked something that we are unsure of, we will find out. As much as this is a learning opportunity for our students, it is an ongoing learning opportunity for us too.

We provide services to Brisbane Northside 6 days a week. Please click here for a list of the suburbs we service.