Melissa – Mature Learner


I am writing a testimonial for you in hope that it can be passed onto other students to read.

As you know when I first met you I had had other instructors of time and I was extremely scared and very nervous about getting into a car and driving! This was because I had never encounter someone like you! Your mannerisms and way of teaching me was amazing! I felt very secure in a car with you and your patience and constant reassurance you were putting in me made all the difference.

Never once in the 25 hours of driving did you ever make me feel insecure, scared, nervous or feel as though I was doing anything wrong, instead you kept telling me that I was learning and that I would get there in the end as it would all come together for me when I was ready. Your encouraging words and support have definitely helped me not only become a good driver, but more importantly, a safe driver!

You also taught me to believe in myself and have more faith in what I’m able to actually do, this has been something that I have taken into my everyday life and I will definitely never forget the bet instructor that I ever had.

I wanted to write this testimonial for you as I have the greatest respect for you Kell and that anybody that comes to you for lessons, I would say are extremely lucky to have as a driving instructor, but more importantly they will be blessed that they have been fortunate enough to have met such an amazing lady!