Lauren – Young Learner

Skills for life.

Congrats Lauren

I had delayed getting my licence for about 4 years due to finance, uni and work. After realising it was no longer an option I decided I needed get it together and book lessons and do those 100 dreaded hours. I booked lesson with company on the internet that looked pretty reasonable and man I am glad I did. I was lucky enough to have Katheena as my instructor. Katheena is a fantastic instructor from my very first lesson she made me excited about learning to drive, she turned every encounter into a learning experience and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Without Katheena I would not have the confidence I have today or my licence either. The cars are fantastic to learn in and Katheena ensures that you don’t just learn the basics but are educated on all road rules and put into all situations to ensure that she would be happy to share the road with you. Do yourself a massive favour and book a lesson with these fantastic ladies Katheena and Kellie, the skills and knowledge that you will gain will be invaluable.