I am a 34 year old single mum who had little driving experience and had never given serious thought to getting my licence. I found it difficult to continue lessons in the past as I would easily give up due to being a nervous driver and my level of driving not progressing quickly enough.  When I finally decided that I would have a serious attempt at getting my licence, Katheena kept me motivated by reminding me of my end goal and what I would achieve at the end of the lessons, which was independence and the freedom to take my daughter to places like the beach on weekends.

Katheena’s relaxed attitude and great sense of humour helped me become a more confident driver and her flexibility made it easy to fit lessons into my busy schedule as I also worked full time.  Her patience and ability to explain things in terms I understood contributed to  me passing my driving exam on the first attempt.  Having my licence has made it so much easier to do things like grocery shopping and taking my daughter to birthday parties on the weekend.  I highly recommend Katheena as a driving instructor and have her to thank for my newly found freedom.