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We can tell you ourselves what having driving lessons with us is all about. We can tell you how we can help improve your skill level, driving techniques, road knowledge and confidence. We can also tell you that we can teach you what you need to know to stay safe on our roads.
We find though, when you hear the experiences of others who have been in driving lessons with us, that you can see we DO deliver what we say. We always appreciate our students sharing their experiences with us and with others. Detailed below are testimonials from our students.


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Fantastic, Professional and Fun

Congrats Daniel 2Transformation Driving has done wonders to my driving skills and my confidence about driving. I used to worry about it all. What to do, what would happen if something went wrong? But it was with great driver's and clear instructions that gave me the confidence I needed to drive, also made it a lot of fun. I found I was always asking "when is the next lesson?" I just couldn't wait to get back out there and learn something new.

A big thanks to Katheena and all she has taught me. I am a safer driver now. I highly recommend Transformation Driving

Daniel Hill


Dear Kellie,

I am just writing to you to tell you how appreciative I am for the tutelage you gave me to get me onto my P’s.

I never thought I’d get into a car by myself; I was so anxious, nervous and self-doubting in my ability to drive.

You completely turned that around in very little time and I am forever grateful and, as you know I now have the unexplainable freedom that only a car can give you.

I would recommend you to anyone Kellie

Regards and Best Wishes




Thanks again so much Kellie, for your teaching and encouragement.

I couldn't have passed without you, you made me so confident! I'm absolutely over the moon! I drove to work and it feels so good to know I can just pick up my keys and drive myself home when I finish work tonight.

So happy. Thank you!  😆 xxx


Olivia - Young Learner

Learning in Style!

Congrats Olivia I am so very lucky to have had Katheena as my driving instructor! After having previous lessons with two other driving schools, I can honestly say that I learnt more in one lesson with Katheena, than I did in the combined total of lessons I had with the other accredited driving schools. I looked forward to every lesson as I knew that there was so much I could learn from her, and to make it even better, they were fun, really eye opening and affordable! Without my lessons with Katheena I would not feel as confident as I do now when I am out on the road as a P plater. I would without question, recommend Transformation Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive, as in my eyes, it is the best driving school in Brisbane with the COOLEST cars! Having driving lessons with Katheena & Kellie will be the one of the best decisions you can make as a learner driver! Thank you so much Katheena for all the lessons that have transformed me from a little learner into a driver!! Forever grateful, Olivia 🙂

Olivia Nelson

Lauren - Young Learner

Skills for life.

Congrats Lauren

I had delayed getting my licence for about 4 years due to finance, uni and work. After realising it was no longer an option I decided I needed get it together and book lessons and do those 100 dreaded hours. I booked lesson with company on the internet that looked pretty reasonable and man I am glad I did. I was lucky enough to have Katheena as my instructor. Katheena is a fantastic instructor from my very first lesson she made me excited about learning to drive, she turned every encounter into a learning experience and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Without Katheena I would not have the confidence I have today or my licence either. The cars are fantastic to learn in and Katheena ensures that you don’t just learn the basics but are educated on all road rules and put into all situations to ensure that she would be happy to share the road with you. Do yourself a massive favour and book a lesson with these fantastic ladies Katheena and Kellie, the skills and knowledge that you will gain will be invaluable.


Lauren Harper


Congrats Chantelle
Thank you so much for everything! The instructor from Transformation Driving, Kellie, helped me gain great driving skills and knowledge about the safety aspects on the road. She definitely made driving a fun learning activity and I will always be grateful to her and stay in contact.




Congrats AaronB2

Thanks to Katheena at Transformation Driving for all her help to get my licence. She is a great instructor and is always there to help you out. I recommend Transformation Driving to all Learners out there!!! Thanks



Kat M

Learning to drive! Makes you feel excited, scared, anxious, nervous, free, and challenged all at the same time. You start to feel pretty confident with your driving & decide its time to try a driving school, well quick smart they can bring you down, take away every last bit of confidence you had and you are back to square one not wanting to get behind the wheel again. This happened with the first school I tried, then I found Kellie, I was so nervous for our first lesson and when she came to my front door and introduced herself all my nerves were gone and was excited to try again. Each lesson could not be long enough it was so much fun learning and hearing all the positive things she had to say and the way she teaches really made you feel comfortable within your own driving , wasn't long before my test was booked and I passed first go!!! YAY!! Not only that I had made a new friend in Kellie 🙂 I could not recommended anyone better!!!!

Kat M


I had a massive fear of driving and finally built up the courage to get my license when I was 20. The first instructor I booked simply did not show up needless to say I was devastated. I then phoned around and found another driving school and was told Katheena would be my instructor. Getting in the car with all my fears of driving Katheena sat there and went through the basics of the car and within a few minutes all my fears were gone. In 6 months I did 100 hours of driving with Katheena, and in that time we drove in all sorts of weather conditions and all over Brisbane. Katheena taught me how to control the car in all types of situations and I had so much fun doing it.

Towards the end of my 100 hours I decided I wanted to see what it was like to drive an Automatic to see what it was like so Katheena arrange for Kel to take me out. Kel help so much with my observation on the road which had a massive impact on my driving when I returned to manual for my next lesson.

Without the support of Katheena and Kel I would have let my leaners expire and continued to be a young adult with no license.

I recommend Katheena and Kel to everyone I know learning to drive and now I love driving around on my P’s


I passed my test on my 1st go about a month ago, after having Kel from Transformation Driving as my instructor.

I couldn't have been happier for the opportunity to learn to drive with her. Kel's a great teacher, always relaxed and eased all my nerves! Couldn't have done it without her! :)The support she showed was outstanding!!!

The self confidence she brought out of me   I never knew existed!

I have recommended Kel & Transformation Driving to several of my friends who all passed on they're 1st go!!

Melissa - Mature Learner


I am writing a testimonial for you in hope that it can be passed onto other students to read.

As you know when I first met you I had had other instructors of time and I was extremely scared and very nervous about getting into a car and driving! This was because I had never encounter someone like you! Your mannerisms and way of teaching me was amazing! I felt very secure in a car with you and your patience and constant reassurance you were putting in me made all the difference.

Never once in the 25 hours of driving did you ever make me feel insecure, scared, nervous or feel as though I was doing anything wrong, instead you kept telling me that I was learning and that I would get there in the end as it would all come together for me when I was ready. Your encouraging words and support have definitely helped me not only become a good driver, but more importantly, a safe driver!

You also taught me to believe in myself and have more faith in what I'm able to actually do, this has been something that I have taken into my everyday life and I will definitely never forget the bet instructor that I ever had.

I wanted to write this testimonial for you as I have the greatest respect for you Kell and that anybody that comes to you for lessons, I would say are extremely lucky to have as a driving instructor, but more importantly they will be blessed that they have been fortunate enough to have met such an amazing lady!




I am a 34 year old single mum who had little driving experience and had never given serious thought to getting my licence. I found it difficult to continue lessons in the past as I would easily give up due to being a nervous driver and my level of driving not progressing quickly enough.  When I finally decided that I would have a serious attempt at getting my licence, Katheena kept me motivated by reminding me of my end goal and what I would achieve at the end of the lessons, which was independence and the freedom to take my daughter to places like the beach on weekends.

Katheena's relaxed attitude and great sense of humour helped me become a more confident driver and her flexibility made it easy to fit lessons into my busy schedule as I also worked full time.  Her patience and ability to explain things in terms I understood contributed to  me passing my driving exam on the first attempt.  Having my licence has made it so much easier to do things like grocery shopping and taking my daughter to birthday parties on the weekend.  I highly recommend Katheena as a driving instructor and have her to thank for my newly found freedom.         


I feel very fortunate to have had Katheena as my driving instructor. I did not apply for my Learner’s Permit until I was 39 years of age, and had never driven before getting in the car with Katheena. Until that time, I had been terrified of even the thought of driving. When I finally decided to face my fear, luckily I found Katheena.

From our first lesson, Katheena worked with me to challenge my fears about driving, and to show me what I could achieve. There was never any anger from her if I made a mistake. These events instead became opportunities to learn. This was very important to me, as I may have easily given up on the whole process if my instructor had not been patient and understanding.

In the early days of my driving journey with Katheena, there were fears and tears, but these were calmed by many reassuring chats by the side of the road. Nothing was a problem, and slowly but surely, my skill level improved. Katheena made the lessons fun, and used whatever would work to help me learn, including singing!

From Katheena, I learnt that driving is as much about your mind as it is about your skill level. Katheena helped me to challenge my thinking so I could accomplish a goal I had thought impossible for most of my life. The great thing too is that Katheena is a highly skilled driver herself, and really loves to drive, so that passion and skill shines through in her lessons and really benefits her students.

I am therefore very happy to recommend Katheena as a driving instructor. Not only will she prepare you for your driving test, but more importantly, she will help to make you a safer driver for the rest of your life. You will be instructed by someone that is competent, passionate and full of personal integrity. And best of all, you will have a lot of fun in the process.


A short note to thank you for making the Transition from an international licence to a Queensland Drivers Licence so pleasurable and painless.
The attitude change I required to become a safe and confident Queensland driver was attained with such respect and compassion, that the experience was both joyous and comfortable.
Pointing out bad driving habits developed over 48 years was done with such consideration that I kept my driving confidence and ability throughout the course and was able to carry that confidence and ability to the drivers test itself.
I wish you all the luck and success in the future and may you have many students that would  benefit from your coaching/driving experience.

Brenda - Auto to Manual and Parent Seeking

"Awesome Driving School!"

I found transformation driving thanks to my daughter. She had recently found Katheena at her previous driving school.

When we bought our first brand new car I decided even though I'm on the downhill slide towards the big 50 I should finally get my manual licene. I knew I had bad habits and had probably forgotten lots.

The lessons I had with Katheena we're invaluable. She gently reminded me of my bad habits while giving me better options for the things I wasn't doing correctly.

I'm so glad I did this not only am I a better more vigilant driver on the road but as I still have one more learner driver child to survive 100 hours with the things Katheena taught me I can now pass on to him.

Thanks Katheena I will have no hesitation in recommending Transformation to others.



“Initially when I got my license in high school, I got an automatic license. After a few years I decided to get a manual license and although I had some driving experience, learning to drive a manual car meant I still had to start at a basic level.

I was looking for an instructor who was able to understand the ‘auto to manual’ transition, be able to communicate very clear instructions in a professional manner and was patient.  The instructor must also be someone who is very honest about a student’s progress but also understands when to build a student’s confidence to believe in their skills.  

I found all these qualities were embedded in the lessons Katheena conducted and would highly recommend her lessons to anyone looking to obtain or upgrade a license”.



Thank You once again for the role you played in getting Mitch ready for his driving test.   I am sure that without your guidance and instruction he would not have achieved the result he did.

I would recommend highly Katheena to any parent considering a driving instructor for their child, she provided our son with the skills and confidence he needed to pass his driving test on the first time.

Katheena mentored Mitch and helped him to develop confidence as a driver.   She encouraged him and provide him with guidance.  He learned new skills and gained confidence each time he had a driving lessons with Katheena. 

Katheena was all times calm and relaxed, she communicated well with Mitch and gained his trust.   She is passionate about teaching people the right way to drive and after conversations with her about my son’s progress I had

every confidence that with her guidance he would achieve his licence and that he would be a well trained, safe and thoughtful driver.