Learn to Drive Manual

The process involved to Learn to Drive Manual and upgrade from an Automatic licence, can be quite simple.

Firstly, it is about understanding how a manual car operates and then, it is all about practice. Secondly, you already have driving experience and it helps to remember that.

Have you previously tried to learn to drive manual and thought “It’s too hard!” Well we have good news for you.

Getting the car moving is the easy part. Learning to Drive Manual takes a little longer. Manual driving is very sensory. It is about what you hear, see and feel. If you are tasting or smelling, something has gone horribly wrong. A manual car will let you know what it needs if you learn to “tap” into it. There are things that can delay the process and make it take longer. Each student is different.

Some of the things that can create delay in picking up the skills involved in learning to drive manual are, how long it takes you to let go of the way (habits) you drive an automatic, for example. By not being willing to let go of bad habits acquired, can incur non critical or even critical driving errors on your practical test. Panicking can shut the mind down and stop you thinking. Never a healthy or safe state of mind to be in behind the wheel. Having high expectations of how quickly you SHOULD pick it up, and not allowing yourself the opportunity to learn and experience the difference.

Manual driving is about power and control. The right amount of power and the right amount of control for the situation. It is NOT about changing gears, it is about learning when. If you are a person who enjoys having and taking control in life, learning to drive manual is perfect for you.

You are required to do another practical driving test and you are tested under the same guidelines and standards. A lot of the time, again on average, those who are unsuccessful, are so due to critical driving errors from non related manual driving. If people are unsuccessful due to manual driving for things such as excessive stalling, incorrect gear selection, clutch coasting, they may have booked the test too soon or not had proper instruction. Lots of people can move a manual car, however are not fully aware of how to drive a manual car.

On a good note, not only is driving a manual car fun, you are also safer in a manual car than you are in an automatic car. Reason being, you have full control of everything within the car at all times. You choose everything. Once you become proficient with your vehicle operation and have a solid understanding of it, you will become aware of the difference. You drive a manual car, yet only move an automatic.

Also when you have successfully completed your practical driving assessment, you do not need to renew your licence. Your licence will just automatically upgrade at no extra cost. If you are still on your P’s, whatever stage you are at, it will just continue. If you are on an open automatic licence, you will upgrade to an open manual licence. You will not go back to a provisional licence.

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