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Transformation Driving is accredited to conduct the government incentive free driving lesson offered through Keys2Drive.

It is important to understand that this free driving lesson is NOT like a normal driving lesson. The purpose of this lesson, is to provide both the learner and their supervisor with a more thorough learning process. The aim of Keys2Drive’s  and the free driving lesson is to reduce the risk of harm in the first six months of P plate driving.

Research has shown, P plate drivers are 20 to 30 times more at risk of having an accident, in the first six months of driving, than they are for the rest of their driving life. The risk is believed to be due to new drivers not being prepared enough for driving on their own. The free driving lesson structured by Keys2Drive, is to provide an alternative way of learning, to minimise this risk. Additional research since the commencement of the Keys2Drive program, has shown that learners who have participated in the free driving lesson have reduced their risk by half.

To get the best benefit from the free driving lesson, is to have a minimum of 10 hours driving experience. It is also hugely beneficial to participate right up to prior to going for your practical driving test. This is NOT suitable if you do not know the basics of driving a manual car or as your very first time behind the wheel, even in an automatic car. Having a level of driving experience and exposure to driving on the road, makes the lesson far more effective.

To be eligible to participate in the free driving lesson, you must hold a current Australian Learners Permit, and must have a fully licenced supervisor attend the full 60 minute lesson. A fully licenced supervisor, is someone who has been on an open licence for more than 12 months, like mum or dad, another family member or friend. In regards to a supervisor on an overseas licence in Queensland, they must have held the equivalent licence for the same minimal period.

You are ineligible to participate in the Keys2drive program for the free driving lesson, if you have previously held an overseas licence, or are upgrading your automatic licence to manual.

To register for the free driving lesson, you need to complete a registration application on the Key2drive website and provide a mobile phone number. They will issue you a verification code via text message. This verification number MUST be provided prior to us being able to schedule you with a free driving lesson at a time that is suitable to both yourself and your supervisor.

The Keys2Drive website is a helpful resource for tips and advice for both learners and their supervisors.

To register for your free driving lesson click below and you will be redirected to the Keys2Drive website.

Australian Learners Permit - you are entitled to a free driving lesson. Conditions apply