Our Driving Instructors Brisbane


Our Driving Instructors specialise in lessons and test preparation on the northside of Brisbane. They are fully accredited and insured. All have acquired a Certificate 4 in Transport and Logistics, hold Blue Cards and are Keys 2 Drive accredited. Our driving instructors are also Rating 1 drivers themselves.

Our driving instructors are passionate about teaching safe, correct, defensive driving skills. They create a calm environment that fosters easy learning. Our driving instructors know the importance of building confidence and knowledge. Lessons are fun and informative.

Our driving instructors are extremely experienced in teaching students who are nervous, and fearful right through to the confident learner. They encourage correct habit building.and work in with each other to achieve the best outcome for the student. Our Driving Instructors are always looking for new ways of teaching as they are aware that everyone learns differently. They also continuously seek to increase their own knowledge and if there is something they are not sure of, they will seek the correct answer.

Meet Kellie

“Hi I’m Kellie. I am the automatic driving instructor. Coming with 20 years + driving experience, I know the importance of actually teaching students the correct, safe way of driving. My lessons are fun, knowledgeable, and informative. My students describe me as being friendly and cruisy. I believe I have excellent communication skills and this helps when communicating with any age or gender. All lessons incorporate aspects of defensive and evasive techniques I have excellent patience and can remain calm in all situations.



Meet Katheena

“Hi, I’m Katheena, the Manual Driving Instructor. Lessons with me are informative, fun and every lessons is seen as an opportunity to learn something new. I am passionate about teaching safe driving habits including defensive and evasive techniques. I too have over 20 years driving experience. My  students say I make them excited about learning to drive and they look forward to lessons with me. As everyone learns differently, I can adapt my teaching to suit. I am an excellent communicator and have patience and remain calm in all situations.”



Kellie and Katheena work together in the best interest of our students learning. We focus on what they need to learn to be safe whilst driving on their own. When they learn this, their test can become a breeze.