Cost of Driving Lessons


The Cost of Driving Lessons is one of the first things people consider when wanting to book a driving lesson.


The real thing to consider is, are you going to get quality for your investment?


At Transformation Driving, we have ensured that the cost of driving lessons with us are affordable and are highly competitive within the industry. For your investment in the cost of your driving lessons, you will receive instruction into what is correct, safe and legal. We will find out what you do know and teach you what you don’t know. We will ensure that any habits you have are NOT going to go against you and give you insight into why some habits can actually be dangerous. In doing this and so much more, you will receive value for your investment. This is an investment in the rest of your life where you will be taught skills to last you a life time.

There is a lot of focus on passing the test, and with what we teach and most importantly the decisions you choose to make on the day of your test, you can pass, however becoming a driver is far more than successfully driving for a half hour period. It is about driving safely, legally and correctly, for the rest of your life.

Outlined below is what we offer:

$60 for a one hour lesson

$90 for an hour and a half lesson

$120 for a two hour lesson

Longer lessons are also on offer.

We can also prepare you for your test. We offer a test package which includes us picking you up 1 hr and 10 mins prior to your booked test time, taking you for a lesson and finishing at the testing centre. We will walk you through the processes of signing in for your test and then wait with you for the examiner to arrive. We will remain at the centre whilst you take the car for your test. When you return, if you have proven you are safe, and can drive, we will assist you in getting your new licence. We will then drive you home. If something has come up in your test that says, you may have a little more to learn, we will still drive you home.

The test pack is $160.

Purchasing bulk lesson hours also allows for flexibility in lesson duration and saves time and money. To pay for bulk hours, payment in full is required one the first lesson. This is the only way we can offer the discount. Otherwise, the cost for driving lessons will be based on the hourly rate.

5 hour packs $285 saving $15

6 hour packs $342 saving $18

10 hour packs $570 saving $30

We also have on offer Gift Certificates for the value of your choice with a minimum cost of a single hour driving lesson for purchase. Give a gift for life.