How to get an Australian Drivers Licence


If you hold an overseas licence and need to apply for an Australian Drivers licence, it is highly recommended that you do participate in lessons with an accredited instructor.


Going for multiple tests without lessons as a way of learning the rights and wrongs of driving in Queensland is no longer an option. Before booking for your practical driving test, contact us to help you.


It is most important to ensure you have a full understanding of what to expect during your practical driving test and the standard that your driving skill needs to be at. As the law changed on January 1, 2014, any holder of an overseas licence who unsuccessfully completes a practical driving test, have their right to drive in Australia, on their overseas licence, withdrawn.


If you require further training and practice prior to re sitting your practical test, you will be required to obtain a Queensland Learners Permit.
You are only legally allowed to drive during your next practical driving test on your overseas licence. If you drive at any other time on your overseas licence, you are at risk of a $4000 fine and possible jail time.


For further information, here are two important links to Queensland transport website that will give you all the relevant information you require.



A short note to thank you for making the Transition from an international licence to a Queensland Drivers Licence so pleasurable and painless.
The attitude change I required to become a safe and confident Queensland driver was attained with such respect and compassion, that the experience was both joyous and comfortable.
Pointing out bad driving habits developed over 48 years was done with such consideration that I kept my driving confidence and ability throughout the course and was able to carry that confidence and ability to the drivers test itself.
I wish you all the luck and success in the future and may you have many students that would  benefit from your coaching/driving experience.